Merritt Hot & Spicy
Jalapeno Popcorn

Jalapeño flavored Microwave Popcorn. Need a new spicy flavor and some heat in your popcorn? We have the solution for you. This product is not popped lava but we promise it will warm you up.

Quantity Discounts:
4-6 bags at 5% ($2.38)
7-11 bags at 8% ($2.30)
super saver 12+ 10% ($2.25)


Aunt Lizzie's
Cheese Straws

A crisp, delicious appetizer or snack, and an excellent gift for any occasion! Aunt Lizzie's gourmet southern Cheese Straws are prepared fresh at their Memphis bakery for delivery to our customers. Aunt Lizzie uses 100% sharp cheddar cheese and all-natural ingredients. No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives are added. Aunt Lizzie's is "The Original Cheese Straw"! Awarded the Best of Memphis Products.
(Select combination and quantity from the list below)

Aunt Lizzie's Cheese Straws
 2 oz. + US$3.50 
 8 oz. + US$7.49 

Honeyberry Farms
Honey Jelly
8 oz

Honeyberry Farms award-winning jellies are 80%+ honey with the texture and spread of a smooth jelly. The taste is a flavorful sensation of honey mixed with the smooth texture of jelly with all natural flavors for you to enjoy.

Select combination and quantity from the list below:

Honeyberry Farms Jelly
 Cinnamon + US$6.49 
 Peacan + US$6.49 

Lynchburg Cake & Candy

The Lynchburg recipes were developed back in the early 1900’s and are made with the finest ingredients and loving care prepared in small batches using time-honored methods.

Select combination and quantity from the list below:

Lynchburg Cake & Candy
 Milk Chocolate Praline Pecan 5 oz + US$6.49 
 Whiskey Balls 4 pc + US$5.99 
 Whiskey Praline Pecan 5 oz + US$6.29 

Ousley Ouch Salsa

Let me introduce you to Nashville’s own local salsa, Ousley Ouch. It’s a tomato salsa with a thick, chunky texture that comes from hand diced onions and fresh jalapeño peppers that are grown on a Nashville farm and often added to the salsa within just hours after picking. In addition to the fresh onions and jalapeños, over a dozen herbs and spices are used to create the magical flavor that has family and friends saying, “Ouch! I can’t stop eating!”

We offer three flavors: mild, hot, and Black Bean & Corn. All natural products with no preservations nor artificial flavorings. In addition they are gluten free and MSG free.

Select combination and quantity from the list below:

Ousley Ouch Salsa
 Black Bean & Corn 17 oz Add + US$5.99 
 Hot Salsa 17 oz + US$5.99 
 Mild Salsa 17 oz + US$5.99 

Water Crackers
2.2 oz.

Gourmet water crackers are a delicious thin and crisp treat, right from the box or perfect served with hors d'oeuvres. Ideal for entertaining or in a gift solution.

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